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 Character Specialties

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PostSubject: Character Specialties   Character Specialties I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 9:23 pm

There are four specialties(character classes) available for players to choose from. Each individual character picks up to two specialties to determine what they can and cannot do by means of fighting. Without further ado, let's get talking about the specialties.

The Fighter is the tank based specialty which prefers close combat fighting and tends to be able to take more damage than the other classes.

The Ranger is a damage based specialty taking to attacking in abstract ways rather than taking damage. The ranger tends to stay back away and safe while waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The Magic-user is the specialty for characters with magical abilities. Like a tool in the hand, there are many uses for magic and as many more people with different ideas on how to use it.

The Rogues are the cut-throats who are extremely deft and dexterous. Using those to dodge rather than taking damage head on.

Mathematically there are ten different combinations for when you choose you're specialties. Picking only one is perfectly fine, it means rather than having a character with a broad spectrum of skills, they'll have a stronger basis on a single path. Having two different specialties helps to create a uniquely skilled character like a Ranger-Magic-user uses magic to increase damage on attacks or a Rogue-Fighter who is a stealthy tank. However having only one specialization creates a class which is stranger than a mixed one to a Fighter can take even more damage than a Ranger-Fighter.
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Character Specialties
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