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 Paladins(the peace keepers)

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PostSubject: Paladins(the peace keepers)   Paladins(the peace keepers) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 12:33 am

With no tolerance for crime and injustice, the Paladins have more laws then men to carry them out. Partial to counteroffensive measures, simply looking at someone the wrong way could be found as attempted terrorism.

The Paladins are almost a contradictory group. Some of their spies root out trouble where they can find it, keeping a keen nose for any crime even in the brewing. Their detainment groups are special arms squads each designed for a specific task. For Merchants they have mages. For Mages they have Templars. for Templars they have Merchants. As the melting pot, self-declared police of Mathia, the Paladins are practically a dictatorship. Life under their boot is rough, but life with the law is a great luxury.
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Paladins(the peace keepers)
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