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 Kikiri Davka

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PostSubject: Kikiri Davka   Kikiri Davka I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 30, 2013 2:23 am

Name: Kikiri Davka
Gender: Female (pretends to be a boy)
Age: 21
Birthday: 477 3rd age
Race: Human

History: Kikiri was born into the Davka family. She was treated well, and loved by her family. Her father Flynn Davka is the owner of “Davka Incorporated” the cities largest producer of machinery. When Kikiri was 5 her little brother was born. Five years later while her father was on a business trip a mage attacked Kikiri, her brother, and her mother. The mage tortured and killed her mother and brother in front of her, and left her physically and mentally scarred. A Templar showed up just in time to keep her from being killed, but this encounter left her with a deep seeded fear of magic.  Unknown to Kikiri or anyone else was that when the mage tortured her he awoke a a talent for magic that was hidden deep insider her. This magic enhanced her physical capabilities making her stronger faster, and tougher. Kikiri's father went deep into a cycle of depression, and drinking after the incident. Feeling alone in her pain Kikiri would often slip out of her fathers mansion and get into fights. She found that making others feel pain seemed to lessen her own. After three years Kikiri had even created an alias. Konor Makein was created. Now at the age of thirteen Kikiri, Known as Konor, was a common sight at lower class pubs and fighting rings. Throughout the years Kikiri became an expert fighter, and had a reputation for being quite the hard hitter. Kikiri's alias, Konor, began to attract the attention of many a young maiden. Kikiri was unsure how to handle this, and so she decided to play the role of the ladies man, although she never has gone farther than kissing a girl. Kikiri's father found out a year ago about her fights, and he disproves of it. Kikiri feels that her father was not a part of her life for nine years, and therefore he has no right to tell her what to do with herself.
Personality: Kikiri enjoys the rough of life. She loves the thrill of taking on multiple opponents. The only taste she enjoys more than a pint of ale is the taste of her own blood in her mouth. Kikiri never backs down from a fight. She plays the ladies man when she is Konor, but in truth she doesn't know how she feels about men or women. Kikiri pretends to act like a noblewoman when she is at home.
Motivations: Kikiri's only one wish in this world is to defy her father.
Fears: Bugs, Magic
Likes: Fighting, drinking, all around tomfoolery.
Dislikes: Wearing dresses, her father, magic users

Appearance:Kikiri Davka Caitlynn
Male Appearance:
Clothes: When Kikiri is dressed as a boy she wears brown boots with brown trousers, a loose fitting red collared shirt, and a black trench coat. When she is dressed as a girl she wears a fine red dress.
Height: 5' 8"
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Red
Distinguishing features: Kikiri's back, arms, chest, and stomach are all covered in scars from when her mother was killed.

Specialty: Fighter Magic user (Kikiri is unaware she can use magic)
Guild: None
Social standing: Upper class.
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Kikiri Davka
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