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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 5:34 pm

Post Length: First order of buissness is post length, firstly posts can not be one liners. We the staff have agreed that you should try to make your post at least three sentances long. Espcially when just starting roleplaying on forums it can be hard to get a whole paragraph into a post but at least try to have good detail in your posts enough to make your cahracter really feel alive.

Thread headings: The next order is thread headings these headings will go after the thread name and will tell would be posters who can and can't post on the thread. The heading (open) means that anyone can join in on the thread. The heading (private) means that you have to private message the original poster and ask to join or have an invite fro the original poster. The heading (closed) means than only people with invites from the original poster can join. Lastly the heading (Ended) means that the roleplay is over and can be moved to the archive. On your last post of a thread put [Exit] at the end to tell other roleplayers that you are no longer in the thread. At any time you can change a roleplay threads heading by editing the original post.

OOC posts: Out of character posts can be put at the be gining oor end of your post. These out of character posts must be in parentheses and are to be used to clear somthing up in roleplaying. If you wish to hold an entire conversation do it through an alternate method such as the chat box or private messaging.

Thread Limit: While most people can only be in one place at time to make this forum more active and less boring we have decided to let your character be in three places at once. Meaning your character can be in at most three rp threads at a time.
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General Rules
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